Which products do you use in your treatments?

Facial Reflexology is often referred to as a 'mini face lift' and will definitely make you glow.  It has the unique benefit of both improving your health and well-being on the inside but also making you look younger, healthier and better on the outside.

What are your Credentials?

What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial Reflexology works on the same principles as foot reflexology but the reflexes on your face are worked instead.  Working on the theory that your face corresponds with different parts of your body it can reduce tension and re-balance, improve underlying energy which in turn promotes overall well-being.

Deep tissue facial massage techniques are combined with the manipulation of the facial reflex points which will aid detoxification, stimulate the body's healing mechanisms and improve overall well-being.

It is an extremely relaxing treatment and can also be combined with a foot reflexology session - please see price list for details.

​I have undertaken extensive and thorough training courses in Facial Reflexology. I trained with the renowned Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology in November 2017. 

Facial Reflexology

I use Neal's Yard facial oils which are 100% natural & organic and chemical free and offer anti ageing benefits  I have a wide range of products to view, try & purchase in my home treatment room.​