What is Reproductive Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which involves massaging and applying pressure to specific reflex points of the feet that are believed to correspond with organs and glands within the body.​ Reflexology can benefit everyone and is a safe effective therapy that can balance and relax the body.​​

I use Neals Yard products which are 100% natural & organic.  I have a wide range of products to view, try & purchase in my home treatment room.​

What are your Credentials?

Reproductive Reflexology, Fertility, IVF and Natural Conception

Which products do you use in your treatments?

​I have undertaken extensive and thorough training courses in Reproductive Reflexology and am a full member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.

I can support women who are suffering from hormonal and reproductive health issues and / or are trying to conceive.

Infertility and subfertility are becoming increasingly common resulting in many couples seeking medical assistance to help them conceive. There may be many reasons for fertility issues such as a medical history of endometrioses, PCOS, infections or issues with sperm quantity or quality. Or maybe after thorough testing there could frustratingly be nothing to explain why couples just aren’t getting pregnant or are miscarrying.

Reproductive reflexology is a special form of reflexology that uses specific protocols that can be used:

1.     As part of a pre-conception care programme to prepare the body for conception

2.     To promote healing of conditions affecting the reproductive system and hormonal system both of which are intricately linked

3.     To prepare the body and mind for assisted conception

4.     To work alongside assisted conception such as IUI and IVF